Through the project we want to raise awareness about the critical condition of the Baltic Sea. Our ambition is to raise 100.000 € for concrete actions to save the Baltic Sea.


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We are two guys who will cross the Atlantic by rowing. 24 hours a day by taking shifts. 2 hours on, two hours off for 40-50 days.

We will participate in the TALISKER WHISKY ATLANTIC CHALLENGE 2021 race.

  • Annual event organized by Atlantic Challenge and sponsored by Talisker Whisky.
  • Premier event in ocean rowing to cross the Atlantic.
  • 30 participating teams across the globe.
  • Duration 30-80 days.
  • Each team will row in excess of 1.5 million oar strokes over a race.
  • Rowers will row for 2 hours, and sleep for 2 hours, constantly, 24 hours a day.
  • Over 11 million euros has been raised for charities worldwide over the past 6 races.


  • Safety boat coverage during the entire race.
  • The teams are supported 24/7 by two land-based duty officers.
  • Mandatory race qualifications by Royal Yacht Association(RYA) standards: Sea Survival, Radio Certificate, First Aid at sea, Navigation and Seamanship.
  • All boats have a position tracking system.
  • Each boat is built to RCD compliance with ISO and CE approval to meet EU standards.



Markus Mustelin, +358 40 517 5037‬

Jolle Blässar, +358 50 5555 650


Team Media Coordinator:
Paula Rintamaa, +358 40 560 3119‬

Project Manager:
Henrik Bischoff, +358 50 552 0857‬


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